Runner Review – Sweaty Bands

Today I am reviewing Sweaty Bands. Okay ladies, how many different hair bands do you own that just sit in your drawer because they don’t work. And when I say don’t work, I mean slip off within five seconds of putting them on. Join the club! I have tried so many different bands and they never stay on my head. Enter Sweaty Bands! These velvet backed headbands in so many different colors and styles and the best thing IN THE WORLD!

I ran a 15K in this one and it didn’t move a bit! See the picture for proof!


The other amazing thing these do is they keep the sweat that accumulates from my hairline from dripping down my face. I used to finish a race with mascara everywhere, my face bright red, and my eyes on fire from all the sweat in them. I’m a believer and you should be too!

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