Ireland – Day 7 (Plus a Recap, a Music Video & NYC)

Today, we leave Ireland and head back to New York City.

FullSizeRender 16

The Dublin Airport is such a nice airport. We decided to purchase some last minute gifts and souvenirs while it was tax free so we didn’t have to send in another tax form to get our tax refunded. The flight was longer going this direction and by the time we arrived in New York we were SO TIRED.

We should have gone straight to our hotel and taken a nap, but instead we decided to stick it out and head out on the town. BIG MISTAKE. By the time we had eaten dinner (Bubba Gump), walked around, and had dessert (Junior’s Restaurant) we could barely keep our eyes open for the Phantom of the Opera. Which leads me to some tips on travel (with a focus on travel to Ireland):

  • Think about the time differences and add up the amount of time you’ll actually be awake. Don’t count on getting sleep on the airplane.
  • Turn on the GPS setting for your photos. You’ll be thankful to know exactly where you took the photos when you get home and have 3,000,000 pictures of castles.
  • Be flexible when sticking to your itinerary. You won’t be able to do as much as you plan to do.
  • Know your non-negotiables and don’t miss them. Forgo other things if necessary, but don’t miss out on something that you absolutely HAVE to see. You may never get to go back.
  • Wear comfortable clothes. I read that wearing sneakers in Ireland was a big no-no and that you might be asked to leave certain establishments if you wore them. For this reason, I packed several pairs of shoes and thankfully my sneakers too because they were the only thing I wore the entire trip. I didn’t even wear my rain boots as the rain wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I also packed several pairs of identical leggings and long sleeved t-shirts with some pretty scarves to mix it up. I knew I’d be wearing my rain coat the majority of the trip, so my clothes underneath were really unimportant.
  • Take an umbrella, an electrical adapter, one guide book (though I didn’t use mine at all, I was primarily on Trip Advisor), a journal, and a small purse that can hold cash and receipts.

Our trip was so amazing. We would definitely recommend going the Groupon route to get a reasonably priced vacation! Here are some of our final stats and our MUSIC VIDEO!

  • 2,211 km (1,374 mi) driven
  • 107,731 steps (50.91 miles) walked
  • 418 floors climbed
  • 60 hours slept

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