The Secret Playroom


Moving is such an exciting time. You get to look for a home where your family will grow and expand, your lives will bloom, and many friends and family will visit. Finding the perfect home is something that doesn’t happen very often but when we found our home about 7 months ago, we knew it was something special.

The first time we looked, we thought it was abandoned because there was so much snow in the driveway. We almost didn’t even give it a second thought. Though I was tired of looking through so many homes that were broken down and needed a ton of work, Nolan was adamant that we should at least give this one a shot. I am so thankful he talked me into it! It wasn’t broken down at all, it was GORGEOUS!

With 7+ acres of land, enough room to have guests and gatherings, as well as beautiful views of the surrounding countryside I was in heaven. When we walked through a door attached to the kitchen, I knew exactly how we could use the space to make a special surprise for our girls.

We prayed and prayed that the home would be the one for us. We worked to get ours on the market and it sold in record time. And after a bit of negotiation, we were finally under contract on the home we loved.

I immediately started painting a door with no handle… this would be the chalkboard that would cover the doorway to the secret room – a playroom!

Before the girls could even visit the house, Nolan replaced the door (it’s really handy having a door guy as a husband!) and we were on our way to awesomeness!

Though the girls didn’t think much of the chalkboard, they did ask a couple of times how we could get to the attic (it’s pretty obvious we have an attic from outside the house). We told them since it’s an old farmhouse, the attic had probably been closed up and was probably unsafe – kind of like the corn crib on the property. (This is important to understand Faith’s reaction…)

Over the course of the next few months, we worked on the room sporadically when the girls were out of town. Nolan, my amazing husband – previously referred to as McDreamy, painted the base color (a beautiful grey/blue) and moved all the boxes up while the girls and I were in Ohio. Then I had to wait until the girls were in Colorado visiting my parents to finish the room.

Pinterest was the main inspiration for the room, in fact, I had an entire board dedicated to it! Some of the inspo I used:

We bought a bunch of the stuff at Walmart, IKEA, and Target as well as off of Amazon but a large majority of the items were things we already had, just repurposed!

This was the most fun I’ve had decorating in a long time and honestly the reaction the girls had was better than I could have hoped for. They have spent most of their time up there playing, creating, and even sleeping. Our house has officially grown and I couldn’t be happier!

Check out the video of the big reveal:

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