God Answers Even the Tiniest Prayers

It all started when I read a blog that suggested families should pray together. They had a system worked out where every day each family member would write individual prayers on an index card. They would date the card and as time went on they would pray each of the prayers on the cards until they saw God answering the prayers. Once a prayer was answered, they would write about it on the back of the card, date it, and remove it from the rotation of prayer.



So last night we started our own prayer box. We each took one brightly colored card and wrote down something we had on our hearts. Unlike the children who continued to ask for more and more cards, I had a harder time thinking of prayers. In my mind I needed a simple prayer that would have a distinct conclusion so the kids could see God working. Therefore, the only thing I could come up with him was to pray that God would help me find my favorite capri workout pants. 


When the children heard my prayer, they giggled aloud. As a matter-of-fact we all giggled aloud. When the giggles subsided, my husband reminded all of us that God doesn’t only answer big prayers but also the smallest, tiniest, most insignificant prayers that we pray because God cares about every single part of our lives. 

We finished up our prayers and tucked our cards neatly into the box to pray over again on another day. About an hour later, my husband came walking over to me with a pair of black capri pants, the ones I had searched high and low for for weeks. The girls were ecstatic to see how quickly God had answered that prayer.

What little things are you keeping from God because you’re afraid they’re too insignificant to pray about? Pray for those things today and allow God to answer the prayers in your life. 

~ Thankfully Exhausted