Runner Review – Bluebuds

Today I am reviewing Bluebuds! These are AMAZING! They are bluetooth (cordless) earbuds that connect to your phone or audio player. They worked especially well with my iPhone.


  • Customizable sizes – depending on your ear size.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Fit snugly – don’t slip.
  • Sweat resistant.
  • Change volume, songs, take calls, etc. with the controls next to ear. (Very easy to use!)
  • Charges with a USB cable.
  • Last 8 hours! (I ran a 15K and they lasted the entire time with lots of battery to spare)
  • Has a nice carrying case included.

I have tried so many other headphones and these are easily the best I’ve ever used! They make me excited to run! Also, they were so comfortable that when I was finished with my race, I completely forgot to take them out until one of the volunteers got my attention.

Order online for around $150.00

1 thought on “Runner Review – Bluebuds

  1. Hey girl, I need your new address! Sorry I have been MIA on Facebook I needed a long sabbatical from social networking. I was letting it become a time leech and dictate my mood when I would read controversial or attacking posts. The freedom has been nice lol but I miss your sunny, real, motivational and sweet self! I will be back on soon and I pray you all are doing well at home, heart and health! Love to you all and God bless you! Oh I hope Kerri is doing well, when is she due? They are in my prayers and your mom and dad too! Merry Christmas Ferrys -I love that you all are Ferrys ;).

    Always, Raina Bailey and Family

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