Overcoming My Insecurities One Shake at a Time

From the moment I saw Taylor Swift’s new video for Shake it Off, I knew this was my jam. From the bad dance moves to the message behind the lyrics, I could relate. My family will tell you how hilarious it is when I dance (you’ll soon get to laugh along with them) and until now, I have been relatively embarrassed by my lack of Jaggeresque moves.

Then last night the girls decided that they were bored and I got an idea. We would make our very own music video. We danced for a solid hour burning hundreds of calories and making one infinitely valuable memory together. I spent the following two hours putting my movie software to use. It wasn’t until I watched the final product with my girls that I realized, I wasn’t embarrassed, I was happy.

Happy that I’m able to dance with my girls. Happy that my body is transforming. Happy that our little video could make them smile and giggle. But most of all happy that I could provide my girls with an example of love and acceptance for myself. After careful consideration from the three of us, we have decided to share the video with you. We hope you enjoy it and that you will take one small but brave step towards self acceptance today.

~ Thankfully Exhausted

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