Missing (And Finding) Mayzie


As she sits at my feet meticulously licking her newly washed golden coat, I wonder if she knows the heartache and longing that her explorative outbreak caused. After jumping out of the yard, something she had never done even though she had spent hours and days in the same yard, we spent almost 143 hours searching and worrying. People I barely knew along with my friends and family were thinking, praying, and searching. Believers and non-believers were hoping for a miracle and what better day than Easter, the day of the biggest miracle in history?

A group of the people I had never met other than via email, telephone calls, and social media arranged a search party for today, Easter Day, at 4:00 p.m. My hopes were dwindling after I had shouted “Mayzie” almost a million times over the course of the past six days, but I was so excited that there would be so many of us, maybe we would actually find her. At 3:45 p.m. as I was about to walk out the door, my phone rang. An unknown number. The skip in my heart was less noticeable than it had been days before, but it existed nonetheless.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hi, are you the one that’s missing the dog?” A question I had heard so many times this week from unknown numbers.

“Yes, that’s me.”

“I have her.” He replied a bit winded.

“You have my dog? Are you sure it’s her?” My hopes starting to rise as I almost dropped the phone.

“Uh… yeah,” He said.

“Where!?!” I couldn’t control my excitement at this point. My keys were already in my hand and I was out the door, my kids left with my parents and my sister and her fiancé frantically trying to keep up.

He told me he found her down by the river and he caught her. He would meet me at the local church next to the elementary school.

Two minutes later I was waiting in an empty parking lot, looking for a truck or car or something to drive up. My sister and her fiancé had finally pulled in beside me as I was getting the reward money together for these people.

Then Brandon said, “There they are.”

And sure enough, two men were walking toward us from behind the church, one of them with a dog in his arms.

It was her!

Tears rolled down my cheeks as my slightly thinner, but all around healthy looking puppy wiggled back into my arms as she had so many times before.

They told me that they had found her down by the creek and even though she growled at them when they approached, they had seen the many lost dog signs hanging around town and decided they were going to catch her.

Though I tried to give them the reward money, they refused to take it over an over again.

I was then able to take Mayzie to where the search party was gathering and tell them the good news which was greeted with many gasps, smiles, hugs, and tears. When my kids joined us they threw themselves at Mayzie and with tears in their eyes they hugged and hugged her neck while she wagged her tail and licked their faces.

securedownload-2 copyphoto 3

I can’t thank everyone enough for all of the help and support I received. I am so thrilled that our baby is back home. And now she’s forever on house arrest… Just kidding.

Tomorrow we will be off the to vet to get microchips and checkups while we wait for the Tagg GPS trackers to come in the mail.

When my brain is back to normal, I will detail all of the things I did to find her and hopefully they will help someone else. Good people, small community, prayer, and ultimately God brought my baby home on such a miraculous day. Thank you.

~ Thankfully Exhausted

Special Thanks To:

  • GOD
  • Jake and Kyle (Who Found Her)
  • My Dad
  • My Mom
  • My Sister
  • My Brother-In-Law
  • Whitne
  • Sabrina
  • Lisa
  • Denice
  • Carolyn
  • Sue
  • Shayne
  • Suzanne
  • JoAnne
  • KaDee
  • Erin
  • Jenny
  • Geniene
  • Amanda
  • Joelle
  • Andrea
  • Mike
  • Carin
  • The lady who called (Kate, I think) that had found her dog after it had been gone 45 days.
  • The lady who called that found her dog after consistently putting up posters in Elizabeth.
  • The man who called to tell me he saw her running by the elementary school.
  • The woman who called on her way to pick up pizza for dinner when she saw Mayzie.
  • The woman who gave me hope after sitting on a corner for hours when she told me that she saw Mayzie just the night before in that very place.
  • The man who called to yell at me for putting up a poster in his HOA. (Yes, thanks to him too because he saw the poster and could have had an impact that I’m unaware of.)
  • The man who got angry when I came to his door and slammed it on me only to find me a bit later down the street and apologize for his behavior. (Same reasoning as above.)
  • All The Businesses In Elizabeth & Kiowa that Put Up My Posters and Helped Spread The Word
  • The Elizabeth Police and Elbert County Sheriff’s Office
  • The Local Veterinarians & Pet Businesses
  • More Facebook Pages Than I Can List or Even Know About
  • More Friends Than I Can List
  • The Random Strangers That Called To Give Me Sighting Reports and Encouragement
  • The Prayer Warriors
  • My Boss
  • My Co-Workers
  • And Anyone Else I Forgot (I’m Sorry, I’m Very Tired)

I couldn’t have done this without you! Much love and thanks!

Mayzie's already back at her old tricks of stealing my shoes!

Mayzie’s already back at her old tricks of stealing my shoes!

17 thoughts on “Missing (And Finding) Mayzie

      • I prayed for your family to be reunited after seeing the posters of your lost puppy. That day we were to join the search at 4:00pm on Easter, I asked God to create a miracle that day for you. After arriving at the parking lot and hearing the good news, all I wanted to do was cry for the safe return of Mayzie and for those two great guys who caught your adorable puppy. Praises to our God was all I could pray about that day. Thank you so much for the update. Blessings, Sue

      • I just keep thinking to myself how this is a perfect example of how God may put challenges in our lives to bring glory to Him! I’m so thankful that you were going to come help. It was great meeting you!

  1. Congrats on her safe return. It was an emotional day for all. You have a great family. All of you. Your kids, mom, sister, and other family and friends that showed up at the Big R. Hold that pup tight and give her a hug for me. Okay

  2. Kate here! – the one that last her dog and found after 45 days. So glad you found your girl, I knew she would come back to you. Thank you for being a dedicated searcher and bringing her home safe 🙂 I know what a beautiful feeling it is!!

  3. Girl, need your help. Please see the below and there is a picture of the pup on my Facebook and on Rocky Mountain Collie-Sheltie Rescue Facebook. The family could use some advice on what you did to help find Mayzie. I will give the family this site so they can talk to you.

    SPREAD THE WORD: MISSING PUP. If you happen to see or get ahold of Finn, please call the number on the below flyer. Please help us get this pup home safe. He went missing on Friday night, April 18th near the school in Manhattan, Montana. We were visiting family for Easter and Finn (our Sheltie) was staying at my brother’s house since the hotel wouldn’t accept dogs. He was scared to be away from his family and ran away from my brother’s yard. My brother chased him as far as the school and then lost him in the dark. We searched until 12:30am early Saturday morning but never could find him.

  4. It made for an amazing Easter! It was so worth seeing you and your family reunited with Mayzie. I love when a community can come together for the same cause and come out with a happy ending! =)

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