Surviving April Fools Day in 7 Easy Steps

April Fools Day is a day that I simultaneously look forward to and dread every year. Not only is it the anniversary of my divorce (no joke) but it’s also a day that gullible suckers like me get fooled. So I figured I’d give all you gullible suckers out there a few ways to avoid being tricked this April Fools Day: 

  1. Don’t eat, drink, or consume anything anyone gives you. Make your own food, coffee, etc. 
  2. Don’t shower – trust me on this one, I’ve seen too many people with purple/pink/green hair. 
  3. Avoid radio talk shows – last year I was convinced our beloved Peyton Manning had been traded from Denver. 
  4. Don’t believe anyone who tells you they’re pregnant, getting married, getting divorced, etc. Shocking life events will still be shocking tomorrow and if they’re true, that person should seriously rethink their timing.  
  5. Avoid Facebook. Yes, I know Facebook addicts this is hard for you but seriously if you don’t want to be tricked…
  6. When walking down the street make eye contact with passersby, point at them, and say loudly, “I’m no fool!”
  7. Be careful when interacting with your children – mine think an April Fools Prank is equivalent to a head butt, licking my face, etc. 

Or you can always just join in on the fun, laugh along with them and be the gullible sucker that keeps April Fools Day fun and entertaining. I think that’s the one I’ll go with.

Good Luck!

~ Thankfully Exhausted 

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