God’s Whispers (The Story of My Oldest Daughter Asking Jesus Into Her Heart)


Sometimes God pushes us. Sometimes he shoves. Today he whispered.

All day, I had been planning how my evening would go. Exhaustion set in more and more as the day crept on and every time I thought about going back on my promise, He whispered, “You gave your word. You need to go support your friends.”

So tonight I loaded two tired and hungry girls up into the car and drove into town. First thing’s first, we had to eat. Surely the wait at my chosen restaurant was so long on a Friday night we would end up being late for my commitment.


God cleared a table especially for us. Our food came in a hurry, the girls ate without a single complaint, the service was impeccable, and upon walking out the door we were actually ahead of schedule.

When we arrived at a church I had never before stepped foot in, I was wholly and completely unaware that I was stepping into a transformational evening.

The band, Felling Giants, was amazing. I knew it would be. My friends are incredibly talented musicians, but the music was soul penetrating. I could feel it touching me but I had no idea how or if it would touch my children. After the first round of worship, the lead singer gave an honest and touching sermon that bordered on testimony. He had come a long way.

While my youngest daughter fell asleep in my lap, my oldest sat at rapt attention. And when I say rapt attention, I mean hanging on to every single word. She may have been cold and a bit squirmy but his words touched her possibly as much as his songs.

When the group stood to their feet again to finalize the service in another round of praise, I stayed seated in hopes to preserve the precious slumber of a 5 year old.

On the third song from the end, my oldest tugged on my sleeve. I bent my neck to listen.

“Mommy,” She whispered and then hesitated, “I want to get baptized. And mommy, I’ve never said the prayer before, but I want to say it. Will you help me?”

My heart clenched. She was asking to receive Jesus into her heart and she wanted me, in all my imperfect glory, to be the one to lead her in arguably the most important prayer of her life. A moment of panic struck, how could I do this? What would I say?

Instantly, I heard His voice “I’m with you. I’ll help you.” And just as the generous woman had minutes before wrapped her jacket around my shivering daughter’s shoulders, I felt God’s arms wrap around me.

With tears in my eyes I led her in the prayer. The pride and joy that filled her eyes was enough to send tears streaming down my face. One of the last songs was about how their hearts had changed. She looked up into my eyes and said, “This song is about me.”

And to think, I was looking for an excuse not to go to this service. How thankful am I that I listened to His whispers? Infinitely.

~ Thankfully Exhausted

12 thoughts on “God’s Whispers (The Story of My Oldest Daughter Asking Jesus Into Her Heart)

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. I speak for myself as a dude, as well as Felling Giants and staff at Echo when I say we rejoice with you in this moment and are excited, humbled and honored to have been witness to God’s speaking to your daughter. Bring her back! We’d love to deck her out in some Echo gear!

    Kevin Jenkins

    • Thanks, Kevin! We will be back, for sure! I didn’t add this to the story, but she also asked as we were walking out the door if she could start taking guitar lessons! Yay! God reached her through you all in so many ways last night. I hope you all continue to grow and I know God has wonderful things to come!

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