Best Laid Plans

Sometimes it’s better to just go with the flow.

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I fled the city in search of the tall mountain peaks and the fresh white fluff that allows a large curved piece of wood securing both feet slide gracefully down said peaks with a few slight motions.


IMG_1334The weekend was perfect. I was back in my hometown participating in my absolute favorite sport with a man that has been dubbed McDreamy by my co-workers. What more could a girl ask for?

Then it happened. The moment of truth. The moment when the weak lose all sense of dignity and clarity of thought.

We got stuck.

The Arctic Edition Jeep met its match in some deep snow and there was no clear way to extract ourselves. We tried pushing. We tried pulling. We tried rocking. But we never got rolling. And all the while there was a calm. No harsh words were said. No blame was passed. We were a team and we were going to work together to fix the mess we had gotten into.

Some asked if this ruined our perfect weekend. I answered this made it infinitely more memorable. It’s the unplanned moments that make life exciting and bond us together.

We finally got out with a moment of brilliance by McDreamy and the helping hands of friends. We were even able to return our snowboarding equipment before the rental shop closed. When asked if it was worth it, we both replied, “Absolutely.”

~ Thankfully Exhausted

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