Where the Written Word Meets the Vocal Musing


Two of my favorite things in the world are books and music so when the two come together so seamlessly, I have to share.

Recently I read Jessica Shirvington’s books Embrace and Entice. The paranormal romances penned for young adults were fascinating to this not so young adult. Violet Eden, the main character, learns she’s a guardian angel and is torn between two hunky guys. Lincoln, her own personal trainer with lots of secrets, and Phoenix, a dangerous yet irresistible rival compete for her affections throughout Embrace and then the dynamics change in Entice.

Phoenix is where this book meets music.

Taylor Swift, a relatively well known (okay obsessively known) country singer, recently released the song I Knew You Were Trouble. I loved the song the moment I heard it but when the video was released, it immediately made me think of Phoenix and Violet. Yes, he’s trouble. Yes, she knew it. Yes, she went for it anyway. And we all know how those things work out.

Moral of the story: Read the books, watch the video, and enjoy.

~ Thankfully Exhausted

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