Are You Annoyed? My Advertising Rant.

Have you ever gotten onto your Facebook account and your notification center is lit up with a tiny red box signaling that you have new notifications?

You think to yourself:

  • Maybe THAT GUY liked my new profile picture.
  • Maybe a friend posted something interesting on my page.

And when you click on the notification button you realize someone tagged you in a completely confusing picture. On second look, they tagged you in their advertisement.

Yep, advertising is getting annoying. The following are my biggest annoyances when it comes to advertising:

  1. Tagging me in a photo or post that has nothing to do with me only so it will show up in all of my friends’ feeds to advertise your business. (Facebook)
  2. Spamming the comments sections of my posts with your current business specials. (Facebook)
  3. Posting your blog name and details in the comments section of my blog. You’re already linked to your blog (if you entered that information), why not just add great comments without promotion? (Blog)
  4. Anything automated: Direct Messages, Thank You’s, Etc. They’re insincere and a waste of your time. (Twitter, Facebook)
  5. Putting paper on my car: Under windshield wipers, in door handles, etc. Can we say Littering?
  6. Lying. Don’t lie in your advertising. Don’t falsify, don’t smudge the truth, don’t fib. If you’re lying, you’ll only fool me once and you won’t fool my friends, I’ll make sure of that.

What annoys you when it comes to advertising?

~ Thankfully Exhausted

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