Rant: The Bachelor

The Show: The Bachelor

The Premise: One super hot guy meets 25 semi-hot to majority-hot girls. Eventually he sends 24 home and proposes to 1. 

The Rant: OK, here goes… Though I am guilty of geeking out on all things Bachelor and Bachelorette, I started taking issue with the show when my 5 year old daughter decided it was her favorite. The reason it’s her favorite is because of the barbie-esque women wearing princess-type dresses on the initial episode. This is not unusual for the 5 year old, who loves fashion more than most things, however, I started to think about what kind of lessons this show teaches. 

On the outside, it seems to be all about people trying to find love. A real-life eHarmony. You sort through the women you don’t like and hope to end up with the woman of your dreams. Sweet, right? Wrong. This man is a cheater. Period. Point blank. He goes around kissing and touching and I don’t even want to know what in the fantasy suite, several women at the same time. Remember what our mothers always told us? Once a cheater, always a cheater. Yep. And what about the girls? You leave your job, your friends, your kids, your entire life for the chance that a man you don’t even know might want to date you. Isn’t rule one of dating “Don’t lose your own identity?” Plus how low does your self esteem have to be to sit around pining over a man that you know is wining and dining other women?

As if that weren’t enough, these women wear super inappropriate clothing, even resorting to nudity at times (thank you crazy Courtney) and are portrayed as complete lushes as they stumble around in heels, crying because they didn’t get a rose after they knew the Bachelor only one night. Wow, pretty sure any guy who watches that episode is going to call out a Stage 4 Clinger alert and she’ll have to dye her hair and get a nose job before ever getting a date again. 

So what if you “win” the Bachelor’s heart? What if you’re the girl that he proposes to and all of your fantasies have come true? Then you have to sit at home for several weeks watching the man of your dreams wine, dine, kiss, etc. the other women that you came to love/hate while you’re not allowed to see your fiancé because heaven forbid you ruin the grand finale of the show by ending up in the tabloids with him. You can’t tell your friends, post pictures of your ring on Instagram, or make any wedding plans.

The Caveat: I like the show, however, I’m a grown woman who understands the show is completely unrealistic and ridiculous. 

The Moral: Don’t let your 5 year old watch the Bachelor. 

End Rant. 

~ Thankfully Exhausted

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