Really, This Is 40? A Review

Why do you go to the movie theater? 

Do you go to learn something? To relate? To laugh? To cry? To eat popcorn?

I generally like to go to the theater to be entertained. I laugh, I cry, but all in all if I’ve been entertained I leave feeling satisfied.

Recently I had to opportunity to see “This Is 40” and I fully expected to enjoy the movie. I mean who wouldn’t expect to like a movie that had laugh out loud previews? I did not enjoy it, however, not at all. There are a variety of reasons I didn’t like the movie: 

  • The length: It just kept going on… and on… and on… and… well you get the point. 
  • It was depressing: The main characters have an awful marriage, they’re pathological liars, and don’t even try to be good parents.
  • It was inappropriate for no reason: There were random boob shots, lots of cussing, and a variety of sexual innuendoes. These came at the strangest times and didn’t really fit in the movie.
  • Nothing was resolved in the end: There was no point of the story other than showing a bad week of a couple turning 40.
  • The inconsistencies were crazy: Two people who each own their own unsuccessful businesses are driving BMW’s, live in a 3 million dollar house (minimum), and have pictures littering the walls of their kids meeting Justin Bieber and the like… um, yeah right. Oh and there are no trust funds either, one of their fathers is mooching off them constantly and the other is not involved in their lives. 

So needless to say, this movie didn’t satisfy me. But I know lots of people who did enjoy this and other movies I haven’t. So my questions to you are: Why do you go to the movie theater? What types of movies satisfy that purpose? Did you like “This Is 40”?

~ Thankfully Exhausted

5 thoughts on “Really, This Is 40? A Review

  1. I go to the movies to escape the real world. I think that’s why I prefer sci-fi and dystopian-type movies. “This is 40” sounds a lot like “How Do You Know.” We walked out on the movie.

  2. Thanks for saving me time and $$$. The previews were funny. We saw Parental Guidance last weekend and enjoyed it. I felt there was one plot hole that left me unsatisfied, but all in all it was a fun movie with lots of laughs.

  3. great review! I go so seldom it has to be something I really, really want to see…and even then I still don’t make it…

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