Lately, I’ve noticed two non-exclusive types of posts on my social media feeds, primarily Facebook. One type venting, the other whining about people’s venting. 

I’m not one to throw all of my problems onto my very public (even when set to private… trust me on this) social media platforms. It’s not that I wouldn’t like to. I love getting positive reassurance, but honestly I have other ways of dealing with my issues: prayer, hugs, reading, writing… the list goes on and on. But many of my Facebook friends use their social media platforms to express every single feeling that runs through them. So I get posts that read like this: 

“Best friends suck. You think you can trust someone and then they stab you in the back. You know who you are…”

Or this: 

“I just wish he would come back, I mean I know we don’t get along, like ever, but seriously what am I going to do with my life now?” 

(These are not real posts, just an illustration)

I think there are a variety of different ways people respond to these posts: 

  • Liking and moving on. 
  • Commenting to offer help/condolences/etc.
  • Commenting to get more information.
  • Ignoring publicly but send your thoughts/prayers in their direction. 
  • Ignoring completely.
  • Getting super irritated and then venting your own feelings about how people should stop being so personal on Facebook/Twitter/Etc. 

This brings me to the second type of post I’ve been seeing a lot lately. Those from the people who are tired of other people spewing their intimate feelings that then spew their disgust for these people. So from these people I see posts such as: 

“People are so freaking annoying today. Maybe if you were a better friend, you wouldn’t have such crappy friends. Get. Over. It.” 


“Seriously, like I care if you have a boyfriend or not. Why you need to notify the public every time you break up is beyond me.” 

 (Again, these are not real posts, just an illustration)

Personally, I would much rather hear the first set of comments than the second but in all reality, they’re both the same thing. In the first set of examples, the people are openly discussing their feelings and they know what their feelings are whereas the second shows a lot of feelings but those feelings are being taken out on other people. 

When I see any of these comments I try to say a little prayer, offer a bit of encouragement, or if I don’t want to deal with other people’s drama, I simply ignore them and go on about my life. 

What I would like to offer today is that we should have compassion for others. Give them grace. Pain manifests in many different ways. Let them feel what they’re feeling without judgment and harsh criticism. Love them. Give them E-Hugs. 


~ Thankfully Exhausted

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