2013 Marketing Predictions

I am no expert in marketing. My degree is not in marketing and I’ve only been working with marketing for the past two to three years. Marketing is an ever-changing experience. Being on top of your game requires keeping a finger on the pulse of the industry: Reading articles, following other marketers, and recognizing good marketing when you see it.

Disclaimer aside, I want to try my hand at some predictions for 2013.

Social Media is Not an Option

Ask the next person you see buried in their smartphone when they last opened a Facebook or Twitter app. My general guess would be less than 20 minutes ago if they aren’t on one of the apps currently. Companies cannot afford to ignore this trend. Social Media needs to become an integrated part of every marketing plan.

Marketing Will Need to be Adapted for Mobile

This should surprise no one. Smartphones and tablets are increasingly popular tools. Customers use these devices to research, engage, and eventually (hopefully) invest in your company.

The QR Code Will Become More Recognizable but Something Better Will Swoop In and Replace It

QR codes (the square bar codes you see primarily on print advertising) are very handy little tools. They engage the customer through their smartphones or tablets. The possibilities are numerous with these tiny little squares, but I think there’s something new and better on the horizon. I can’t wait to see what that might be.

Blogs Will Boom

Though it pains me to say this, print publications are dying. Newsweek has stopped printing their magazines. Ebooks are stealing the market from print books. Blogs have been multiplying like wet gremlins. And except for this guy, blogs are free and contain rich content (if you follow the right bloggers). I anticipate there will become a new way of keeping track of your favorite blogs that is user friendly and visually appealing across all types of devices.


Businesses Will Stop Complaining About Millennials and Start Using Them

I know, I know, my generation sucks. I get it. We’re all about us, lazy, unmotivated, and always asking why. I’m sorry. There.

Anyway, I think in 2013 businesses will start utilizing the power of millennials. Have you seen the number of Facebook friends these people have? Or Twitter followers? Why are companies not asking (or requiring – though I’m not sure that’s allowed) their employees to advertise for them. Sending out a weekly company-wide email with pre-made tweets (that can be customizable to reflect each individual’s style) or points that can be relayed on Facebook is not difficult. I see all too often companies trying to get employees to stop tweeting or posting about their business out of fear that something bad might happen. My response: if your employees are bashing you openly on Social Media, should they really be working for you?

And on a side note, using your email signature to advertise is a great way of getting the word out about your business. How many emails do you send in a day? That’s what I call the easy button.

Facebook Will Continue to Test Our Boundaries

I guarantee Facebook will change again and everyone will be in an uproar… again. Facebook is testing us. The last Instagram scandal (Facebook now owns Instagram) was a prime example of this. On the exterior it looks as though we (the customer) have won, but this is just the beginning. What next? Paying to post? Will customers be mad enough to delete their accounts permanently or will their addiction take over and coerce them to deal with the changes?

Those are my predictions. Do you have any?

~ Thankfully Exhausted

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