My Bests and Worsts of 2012

Can you believe the year is almost over? Well, I suppose it is over in China (Happy Belated New Year, China!). My personal thoughts about 2012: “Whew, I made it!” and about 2013: “Bring it!”

As I’ve been scanning Twitter and Facebook over the past couple of days, I’ve noticed there have been a number of different Best & Worst of 2012 lists. I mean there’s everything from Best Movies of 2012 to Most Beautiful Baby Bumps of 2012 and the Worst CEO’s of 2012 to the Wold’s Most Oppressive Societies of 2012. So if they can do it, I figure, so can I! Do you want the good news first or the bad?

My Personal Bests of 2012

In Entertainment: The amazing performance of the Nutcracker presented by the Colorado Ballet.

In Matters of the Heart: Falling in love more deeply than I ever have.

In My Professional Life: Pulling off a 10,000 person event in less than 2 months.

In My Friend Life: Seeing my best friend pick out her wedding dress.

In My Home Life: Seeing my daughters grow and mature into young ladies.

In My Writing Life: Being nominated the Event Ranger and Game Warden for my writer’s group.

In My Spiritual Walk: Setting a defined set of standards for my dating life and sticking to them which led me to a wonderful man.

My Personal Worsts of 2012

In Entertainment: Submitting myself to the torture of reading Savages. (No, I won’t see the movie.)

In Matters of the Heart: Allowing fear to dictate many of my actions.

In My Professional Life: Spending so much time at work and not enough time at home.

In My Friend Life: Not realizing who my true friends are and allowing fake friends to have their say in my personal matters.

In My Home Life: Not being present as much as I should be for my girls.

In My Writing Life: Not finishing NaNoWriMo.

In My Spiritual Life: Having less faith than I should that everything is in God’s hands.

There you have it. I guess now would be the time to make resolutions, but honestly, who keeps resolutions? I am going to continue doing what I’m doing in 2013 with some adjustments.

What are your bests and worsts of 2012?

~ Thankfully Exhausted

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